Tuesday, December 07, 2010

WIP 50 States

Here's a quick snap of my 50 States painted postcards project. There are certain states that I know nearly nothing about so this is a bit of an educational project for me...the western states were relatively straight forward as I could draw on experiences I made there myself but I didn't want to wait 'til I have visited all 50 states to carry on with this, so I have to continue reading and looking up on more interesting or quirky facts or myths about all other states - nerdy stuff, but I like it.

Thanks for recent blog features and mentions about my work to these guys:
seriousplay / frohlockend / cutelittlelife / lanastepul / Poppytalk / designi1 / waysideviolet / suzysarcastic / Design Crush /

Other good news is that my work got selected to be in the AOIs Images 35 book, which will be out in September 2011.


Mo Pie, Please said...

Congrats!! I'm so happy that you made all 50 states, they're completely adorable!

Designi1 said...

Congrats! second, i just want to say that anytime you publish a new calendar wallpaper they probably will be feature in the designi1 for the simple factor that we appreciate your work. Keep going Christiane!