Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sneak Peek - Inkygoodness PLAY

Filling in the pencil details on 'Ex Tennis Pro', one of the pieces I will have on show at East Gallery. I could continue non-stop telling stories via crazy oil pastel paintings...
Especially like in the case of my bigger piece, 'Texas Hold'em', which is drawn on a 61x55cm rough wooden board. It centers around three down on luck poker players - the Crab Shack waitress, a single mum in a log lady cardigan and a trucker whose past I feel particularly sorry for...maybe you can figure out their stories, hopes or dreams by looking at the details that sort of flow in and out of the scene like a road map of their lives.

details of Texas Hold'em

My Lost in the Woods themed button badges that will be on sale (along with some of my prints) at the show when the shop is open!
I have saved one with the trout and a Log Lady one for myself, as these are one offs and no set is the same.

The exhibition will run until September 12, East Gallery 214 Brick Lane

So, come and play:


Anja said...

Sieht beides super aus. Mir gefallen deine Ölpastell-Bilder!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love love LOVE your illustrations and lush books :) x

The Ink House said...

So much to look at and each tells a story. It's nice to see something different for a change as well. Keep up the great work!