Tuesday, July 27, 2010

William Kurelek

Lumberjack, 1974

A Prairie Boy's Summer, 1975
I found William Kurelek's A Prairie Boy's Winter/Summer in my old bedroom in Germany and remember how strange and fascinating these books were to me as a child, being autobiographical and realistic and so different to the other books I had,
and how I found it so relieving to read that this boy got nervous about his school's summer games, too!

I just bought Lumberjack (also autobiographical!) online but it's in no condition to read indoors or without gloves on unfortunately, that smell beats all old-book-smells I've known. But it's a great book and I like his plain writing style, and of course, the artwork! I'd love to see To My Father's Village, which he wrote and painted just before he died, but it's either out of print or at crazy collector's prices...!


Sarah said...

Hi Christiane! I love following your blog and your illustrations are awesome :) I found one of your books at a local book store in Miami, FL (USA) and the illustrations were beautiful. All best,

Anonymous said...

Hey Christiane,

Ya, I love Kurelek's work too. Do you know of anyone doing something similar these days? or similar in style. If you have any leads, hit me back:


Jeff (Manitoulin, ON)