Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Editorial Work - Nursery Rhymes

I illustrated a few nursery rhymes for a Scholastic publication late last year, the kids are acting out the rhymes with props. It was a fast turnover but one of these jobs where the characters and situations they're in just flow and work immediately, so I ended up using parts of the last one as a Christmas card last year...looking at it now it could also be an Easter card. For non-English readers: a hot cross bun is a sweet, yeasty, sticky, spicy bun that people eat in Britain and in South Africa etc. on and before Easter! I only ever had one so far during a heatwave in Johannesburg...the bun itself wasn't hot, that's what I always thought that they would have to go into the oven to turn into something else...they look a bit half-baked but I guess that's the yeast.


Amanda said...

These are all just adorable! Lovely work. I've been in the presence of hot cross buns but I've never had one myself.

riverpost said...

love your style great work
hot cross buns are called that because of the mixed spices used in the dough :)

m a r i e l a said...

so cute!
very adorable!!!