Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A Walk In The Woods - Map Illustration+Lettering

The film A Walk In The Woods based on Bill Bryson's book is due to come out soon, so the Appalachian Trail Conservancy asked me to create a map to go alongside an article on how to protect the trail. There's an increase in hikers expected who will be inspired by the movie.
Here's my map and also some lettering I created for the article of the summer issue of AT Journeys magazine.
Researching images of this trail was really exciting, I'd love to hike there one day!


Kelly Ramstack said...

What a cool project! I'm reading A Walk in the Woods out loud to my husband at bedtime and we are enjoying the story. We hiked a little portion of the AT while in Smokey Mtn. Nat'l Park last spring. Such a pretty area.

Christiane Engel said...

Thanks, Kelly, you're lucky to have hiked there! It;s on my list! :)