Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Book Review - Slow Down Sidney

Our next review is of Slow Down Sidney, illustrated by one of my baby's favourite children's book illustrators: David Sim! He also did her favourite book so far, Bear Boar, and this one has the same retro style in primary colours and quick messy lines. 
It's part of a book series for toddlers by Campbell Books. 
The very messy and busy and carefree boy (a fox) Sidney gets overexcited and over active at his daily activities and this gets him into some trouble. Everytime something goes wrong, breaks or crashes the text goes Slow Down, Sidney, which I'm sure is great for older toddlers to shout out at him on each spread when they discover Sidney's accidents behind each flap. I love the one with the toothpaste squirted all over him and my kid loves seeing all the different brightly coloured animals racing on the scooters, which she calls Autos!

It ends very triumphal for Sidney at the school race, of course he wins it and there's no need to shout slow down Sidney, because sometimes, being fast is a good thing!
We are currently reading Time For Bed Tilly and there's Don't Do That Dexter and Be Quiet Bertha to check out as well.

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