Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book Review - What Do People Do All Day

I always thought Richard Scarry's books were for slightly older kids who can understand the whacky humour in his crazy stories with all the funny details...BUT to my surprise my kid finds his drawings hilarious and picked this book out of my own collection recently, and now wants to 'read' (i.e. point and babble) in it almost daily!
That's nice because the stories in this one are actually entertaining for adults (for me anyway), and there's so much to discover on each page. I think the reason his style is suited for younger kids as well is because the characters and scenes are mostly brightly coloured and set against a white background, so kids are drawn in easily, plus the characters are easily recognizable - my toddler makes animal noises to some of them. I particularly like the humour, look at the mum who's shouting 'My little Huckle is drowning!' Things you might not know about Richard Scarry are - he was born in the US but lived in Switzerland, where he died in 1994, and he has a son who illustrates in his fathers style under the name Huck Scarry!

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