Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Parents' Pages - illustration + handlettering

A fantastic publication I worked on with Surrey County Council and Preface Studios is out now: Parents' Pages - winter issue (download pdf).
Below are a few of the illustrations and some of the lettering I created throughout the magazine.
I have worked with Surrey County Council before a few years ago, illustrating parenting publications and creating a logo/identity that involved more child-like handlettering.
This time the illustrations are slightly more grown-up, and some cover more serious subjects, all very interesting and worth a read!

The cover. Drawing onto photographs is something I don't do very often for commissions but which worked well within this context, a girl in a wellie-throwing contest as part of the Decathlon Feature.

The Health Check feature. Lettering and a few spot illustrations plus what I've used a few times throughout the magazine - photo collage illustration, here for Dr Mark who works in A+E.

Another very inspiring feature about childcare and learning, with Rebecca and her daughter Billie-Dee.

The Surrey Focus autumn/winter page, I will create more seasonal banners for the next issues.

One of my favourite handlettering pieces I've created in this job, see the full feature on fire safety via the pdf download link if you want.

A very touching feature about self-harm and mental health, a self-written account from daughter and father.
I used a diary style handlettering for the quote up in the sky and the whole feel and look was supposed to be similar to my Northline book jacket illustration which the commissioner really liked, and it fits well I think.

These are 2 of the featured GB Olympic hopefuls, both runners, and these medal-like photo collage illustrations stand alongside their Q+A's.

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Soooo good!! Love this!