Wednesday, July 13, 2011

North Dakota

Roadside attraction is a cow named Sue, state beverage is milk and more sunflowers are grown here than in any other state!

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chestnutmocha said...

hahah Sue! awesome! Good job, Christiane!

John Nez said...

Some of those states are definitely 'drive thru' only... unless you want to lose your mind in the wind driven vastness. Like Wyoming... which is mostly bleak and barren except for Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

I once spent a weekend in an empty house in a tiny town in Wyoming (population 54) and it nearly drove me stir crazy. That's why people get that 'faraway' look in their eyes.

About my Washington book: I suppose it'll be coming out around November or thereabouts. I guess the drawback with a holiday book is it has a limited time to be in the stores.

But Sterling (the publisher) has already done quite a few of these books, so mine will just be one of many. It should be good for local school visits though, which can be a good thing.

So nice to hear from you again... :0)

Christiane said...

Thanks, chestnutmocha! :D

@ John:
yes, drive thru they are! or fly over!;o) But then you don't get to see all the weird things which would be a shame!

Good luck with the school visits!



Jules said...

Are you sending stuff to They Draw and Travel?

Trade Your Talent said...