Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yellowstone pattern

My 1st attempt to make a pattern. If I had a sleeping bag I would like it to have this as a lining...
I love Yellowstone, I think I've been there at least once, but didn't include enough outdoor activities back then, so I will have to go again before it blows up.;o)


John Nez said...

I luv Yellowstone too. Lucky for me, I've gotten to go there about 5 times. Once I was caught on a trail with a bison on one side and a moose on the other.

Last time I went I got to 'run with the buffalos' along the Madison River. (they're actually as tame as cows)

I like the artwork of Monte Dolack... who is a Montana painter.


Christiane said...

Thanks for the link, i only knew Charles Russell, everyone kept mentioning him when I was in Montana and working on my portfolio for art school...I didn't like him back then but do now.

Is running with buffaloes an actual event or did it happen by accident? I thought they'd be dangerous...

Mattias Käll said...

Wow that's a really nice pattern. Found you today on my irregular morningsurf for inspiration ... I really should work but I don't feel like working. Soon.

Love your naive style and all nice coloring and interesting surfaces. Really good!

Love from an illustrator in Sweden.