Monday, July 20, 2009

Ooh La La

...Polka Dot Boots (by TenSpeed Press/Random House) is available to pre-order in the UK and US, but it won't be out until March 2010.
It has interior flap surprises that felt a bit like creating animation for me, and it has some crazy kid characters in there, so it was a lot of fun plus I'm a big fan of boots and stripey socks myself

I updated to the new Blogger version, so I could place my own icons at the footer and link older posts, I did it the other way round so that it is like in a book, previous is left and latest is right.


John Nez said...

Oh, fabulous new book! How exciting... looks just lovely.


natural attrill said...

Oh this book looks fabulous!

Christiane said...

Thanks John and Penny! :o)

Anja said...

The variaty of boots and socks look great. The whole cover looks very lovely and funny.