Monday, February 23, 2009

New Knick Knack + Bible Pre-Order

Knick Knack Paddy Whack has been reprinted with the new cover and the Booklist review on the back!
I prefer this new one, I worked on this in autumn last year.

And this is the Bible, to pre-order in the US as well:


Catherine said...

These look great :-)

natural attrill said...

Oh these books look fantastic Christiane. I love the animals, especially with your eyes, they're fab!

Anja said...

Both books really look great!
I would like to have the bible for my Papa. Where can I buy it?

Christiane said...

Oh...I think it's only available in the US, if you click on the Bible cover picture it should take you to the site..

Thanks all for your lovely comments!

Frizz said...

I'm gonna buy two "Knick Knack"s. One for me and one for my niece!!

MAUMONT said...

It's very beautiful. Bravo!

John Nez said...

They look fabulous! I especially like the photos with the first book all opened up so the front and back covers show.

Such talent! Perfect colors... and all with such casual flair.


Christiane said...

thanks, John, always love comments that make my day! :o)