Monday, February 11, 2008

Me in iSh magazine!

click on the pages to read in large:

Thanks to the lovely people at iSh, Singapore, for featuring me in their cool design/lifestyle magazine. I think it turned out great, love the design of it all. Bit odd seeing my own interview in a glossy magazine though..:o)
inside pics:

And, Thank you to my friend Cindy in Singapore for sending me a few copies!


Anja said...

Your work looks great in that magazine. Like the design too. You must be very happy about it.

John Nez said...

That looks like a great article on you. Lots of nice artwork samples... and the photo of you looks great too!

I'd say enjoy the 'stardom' while it lasts!

Maybe you'll be recongnized on the street by strangers now...


Christiane said...

Haha, in South East Asia, maybe? ;0)

Thanks John and Anja for lovely comments.

natural attrill said...

Oh well done! magazine looks really good, I like your urban fox in the dustbin.
Thanks for the comment on our blog, no, we didnt see the Antarctica exhibition, only the dinosaurs - going on a saturday was a bad idea, too many people.

Adam Conlon said...

That's AMAZING! Well done!

Hope you're alright... Say Hi to Marko for me! :)