Monday, September 03, 2007

Editorial pieces

These are in Right Start magazine's current issue, it's a feature about other people's kids being irritating and how not to cross the line when you want to tell other people's kids off when they've done something naughty to your own child, i.e., hitting her on the head with a telephone, but at the same time keeping in mind that this child and her parents might have different rules and that interfering with those would confuse them. I wouldn't care, I would just go ahead and tell them off. ;o)
I did the roughs for these while I was in Germany and I remembered how I managed to drop my toy horse into my mum's soup as a child.
I'm also very extremely busy with the children's book illustrations which have to be quite finished for Frankfurt book fair in October.


Frizz said...

Your work kills me - it's so great!

natascha said...

Lovely work! I enjoy your work so much!

Christiane said...

I'm glad you two like it!!

Anja said...

Bin gespannt auf das Buch.