Friday, December 01, 2006

Xmas Market By Frozen Lake

I miss a proper winter with real outdoor ice skating on lakes rather than ice rinks where you have to pay and book a time slot...!
I quite like the clothes of these people.


ladysnail said...

i really like this-its all christmassy and i love the jumper on the taller girl.

natural attrill said...

I love this illustration, I like your style anyway, but this one is just lovely!

Anja said...

Die Charaktere sind großartig. Ich mag die kleinen Details. Wie die Hose und diese Wadenwärmer (wie nennt man die korrekt?). Außerdem: sehr weihnachtliche Atmosphäre.

Christiane said...

Wadenwaermer->Stulpen, bzw. legwarmers...:o)

thanks for your nice comments everyone!

Allan / Loopland said...

very nice! very very very nice! I really like it. I love the textures and everything else you've got going on. I need to throw my computer away and get my hands dirty again i think!

Christiane said...

Hello Mr. Loopland,
thanks! :o)
I very rarely get my hands dirty myself though...!

Frizz said...

You've got the best color sense. I LOVE this.
Have you ever shown your process, sketch to finished piece? I'd love to see how you work!

Christiane said...

Hey Frizz,
In this case I had the scribble from my doodle pad post 'Inspiration' only, and then I created this all digitally in Photoshop with painted paper and textures. This way I save time, plus I'm very impatient, and I tend not to treat my paint brushes very well...