Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hello November

I think I'm losing my mind building my new website...I'm wasting time in which I could actually create art instead of technical stuff but I wish I was more of a technical web wizz because I do like websites that aren't based on a template but are slightly different although the work should speak for itself, right? And I was actually trying to make it simpler. So hopefully, I will be able to send a website re-launch note out soon to people on my e-mail list. :o)
Other news: Halloween was great this year / my iron levels are at 9 which is alarming / it's November and I can't believe it / the German name for hillbilly is Hinterw
รคldler which makes me laugh because it literally means someone who's living behind a forest and also because I'm never sure if people in rural Germany think I am one when they're staring at me.

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John Nez said...

Gosh, a new website. That's ambitious.

I've been thinking about 'simplifying' mine too. But I've been too afraid of how much trouble it might turn into.

HTML can drive a person nuts!