Thursday, November 13, 2008

Very Quick Drawing

It's shaky because I was holding the camera with my left hand. I didn't know what I was going to draw, hence the pausing at the beginning...I guess it's fun to see oneself drawing and to be able to play it back to look at the process from different perspectives as well, I wonder where ideas and shapes come from and why at the moment I seem to be so fascinated by mountains...?


Deb said...

maybe you dream of seeing snow capped mountains? it was interesting to watch you draw. dx.

natural attrill said...

That was interesting to watch.
Whats the pen you are using?

Christiane said...

the pen is a Pentel Color Brush Pen, it's quite interesting to use and I think they come in different colors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christiane!

I find your work so very inspiring as I am a self taught artist and mama to three very silly boys under the age of nine. Keep up the beautiful work. Can I ask some of your techniques? How do you get such wonderful shadows and half everything done with printed papers or are some of the pieces one printed piece? Thank you so much for creating such amazing work!!!!


Christiane said...

Hi Christina,
thanks for your message, I'm glad you like my work!
I use painted elements that I scan into the computer as well as digital collage, and I also draw using felt pens or brush pens...